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The Hopi are a Native American tribe and a sovereign nation, primarily residing on the 1.5 million-acre Hopi Reservation in northeastern Arizona (). The Hopi Tribe leadership declared a COVID-19–associated state of emergency on March 17, which was followed by a stay-at-home order March 23 (with projected reopening on June 20). On April 13, HHCC reported its first laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 case in a patient residing on the Hopi Reservation, and cases continued to be diagnosed at low levels through May. However, at the beginning of June, HHCC reported that during the preceding 14 days, the number of new cases had increased sharply, from 1–2 to 10–15 per day. 

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COVID-19 Impact on Minority Health
Jocelyn Hirschman, MD, Harpriya Kaur, PhD, Kay Honanie, MSN,1 Royce Jenkins, MEd, Duane A. Humeyestewa, MBA, Rachel M. Burke, PhD,Tracy M. Billy, Oren Mayer, PhD, Mose Herne, MPH, MS, Mark Anderson, MD, PhD, Ravikiran Bhairavabhotla, PhD,2 Graydon Yatabe, MPH, and S. Arunmozhi Balajee, PhD