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Abstract Oral infections and cardiovascular diseases share common biological and behavioral risk factors. Psychosocial determinants could act as a link between general health behavior and dental health behavior. Our objective was to study optimism and life satisfaction as determinants of general and dental health behavior and to evaluate whether these are connected with cardiovascular risk factors and dental diseases. The 1966 Northern Finland Birth Cohort (N = 12,058) is a general population birth cohort. In a postal questionnaire, respondents (N = 8690) were asked about their health behavior and dental status. Cardiovascular risk factors were assessed in health examinations (N = 6033). Generalized linear regression models were used in analysis. The results showed that health orientation increases with strengthening life satisfaction and optimism. Dental health behavior and general health behavior were associated with both cardiovascular risk factors and self-reported dental diseases, which support the assumption that they share a common behavioral background. Keywords cardiovascular risk factors, optimism, life satisfaction, young adults, cohort study

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Oral Health
Ylˆstalo, P. V., Ek, E., Laitinen, J., & Knuuttila, M. L