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Little research has examined associations of positive psychosocial factors with the American Heart Association Life's Simple 7ô (LS7) among African Americans. This study examined the associations between positive optimistic orientation and LS7 among African Americans. Using exam 1 data (2000ñ2004) from the Jackson Heart Study, we examined cross-sectional associations of optimism (in tertiles) with LS7 components [smoking, physical activity, diet, body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose] and a composite LS7 score (classified as poor, intermediate, ideal) among 4734 African Americans free of cardiovascular disease. Multivariable prevalence regression was used to estimate prevalence ratios (PR, 95% confidence interval-CI) of intermediate and ideal (vs. poor) individual LS7 components and composite LS7 score by optimism levels, adjusting for demographics, socioeconomic status, and depressive symptoms. For LS7 components with low prevalence, we estimated odds ratios. A greater percentage of participants with high vs. low optimism were younger, female, high SES, and not depressed. After full covariate adjustment, the prevalence ratio of ideal (vs. poor) composite LS7 score was 1.24 for participants who reported high (vs. low) optimism (95% CI 1.09ñ1.42) at exam 1. Higher levels of optimism were also associated with greater prevalence of ideal (vs. poor) physical activity and smoking. Promoting positive optimistic orientation may be an important step toward increasing the likelihood of achieving optimal cardiovascular health among African Americans.

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