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There is an increasing awareness and clinical interest in cardiac safety during cancer therapy as well as in optimally addressing cardiac issues in cancer survivors. Although there is an emerging expertise in this area, known as cardio-oncology, there is a lack of organization in the essential components of contemporary training. This proposal, an international consensus statement organized by the International Cardioncology Society and the Canadian Cardiac Oncology Network, attempts to marshal the important ongoing efforts for training the next generation of cardio-oncologists. The necessary elements are outlined, including the expectations for exposure necessary to develop adequate training. There should also be a commitment to local, regional, and international education and research in cardio-oncology as a requirement for advancement in the field.

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Daniel J. Lenihan, MD,Gregory Hartlage, MD; Jeanne DeCara, MD; Anne Blaes, MD; J. Emanuel Finet, MD; Alexander R. Lyon, MD; Robert F. Cornell, MD; Javid Moslehi, MD; Guilherme H. Oliveira, MD; Gillian Murtagh, MD; Michael Fisch, MD; Gary Zeevi, MD; Zaza Iakobishvili, MD; Ron Witteles, MD; Aarti Patel, MD; Eric Harrison, MD; Michael Fradley, MD; Giuseppe Curigliano, MD; Carrie Geisberg Lenneman, MD; Andreia Magalhaes, MD; Ron Krone, MD; Charles Porter, MD; Susmita Parasher, MD; Susan Dent, MD; Pamela Douglas, MD;Joseph Carver, MD