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According to National Minority Cardiovascular (NMC) Alliance past co-chair, Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACC, FAHA, of Tulane University School of Medicine, the lessons that we learned from Hurricane Katrina -- including the fact that people who don't have means often die -- are also true for cardiovascular disease.

The storm of cardiovascular medicine still looms large in the United States, with blacks experiencing 21% more deaths from heart disease than whites. The disparity gap is expected to increase without thoughtful collaboration among stakeholders and more equal access to care and treatment.

The National Minority Cardiovascular (NMC) Alliance is hosting its second annual Town Hall Event. This yearís topic is centered around our recently refined mission: Minority Cardiovascular Health: Addressing the Influence of Genetics, Culture, and the Social Determinants of Health.

Who should attend? Healthcare providers, researchers, professors, students, non-profit professionals, patient advocates, policy advocates, policymakers, patients, members of the media. Anyone who is working on, or interested in learning more about minority cardiovascular health.

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