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Transition from fetal to postnatal life is a complex process. Even in the absence of congenital heart disease, about4ñ10% of newborns require some form of assistance in the delivery room. Neonates with complex congenitalheart disease should be expected to require significant intervention and thus the resuscitation team must be wellprepared for such a delivery. Prenatal assessment including fetal and maternal health in general and detailedinformation on fetal heart structure, function and hemodynamics in particular are crucial for planning the de-livery and resuscitation. In addition, understanding the impact of cardiac structural anomaly and associatedaltered bloodflow on early postnatal transition is essential for success of resuscitation in the delivery room. Inthis article, we will briefly review transitional circulation focusing on altered hemodynamics of the complexcongenital heart diseases and then discuss the process of preparing for these high-risk deliveries. Finally, we willreview the pathophysiology resulting from the cardiac structural anomaly with resultant altered fetal circulationand discuss delivery room management of specific critical congenital heart diseases.

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Jay D. Pruetza, Shuo (Sue) Wang, Shahab Noori